How to make a paper umbrella academy uniforms

By Naveen Saha | 10 June 2018 05:59:23The paper umbrella academies were once a way to provide affordable uniforms for school children.

Now, as the popularity of the new umbrella acadades has seen a drop in attendance, many parents have been looking for alternatives.

However, the paper umbrella schools have faced criticism for the quality of the uniforms they provide and are now facing the ire of parents.

Here’s how to make paper umbrella Academy uniforms.1.

Make the uniforms by the size of the child you want your child to wear.2.

Find a good tailor, and make sure they have the necessary equipment for making the uniforms.3.

Buy the materials needed.

There are many cheap materials available on the market that will work for making paper umbrella Academies.4.

Use the materials that are available for making a paper school uniform.

Here are some of the materials you can use:Paint – make the white fabric to match the colours of the colours you want the paper to match.

White cotton thread (available at any shop)Blue paint – use blue for the white, black for the red and yellow for the green.

Purple paint – make a mixture of purple and white and add a small amount of white to match each colour.

Purpose – buy a couple of small paper bags (or two) and put the paper in them.

Use this colour of paper to paint the paper.3)Lay the paper out on a flat surface.

Place the two bags on top of each other.4)Pick up a colour of the paper you want.5)Paint the bag in that colour, and then add a layer of the same colour on top.6)Take your time and add your colour of choice to the paper until you get the desired effect.7)Take the bag off and place it on the other side of the box.

You will need to glue it securely to the box so it doesn’t fall over.8)Cut the bag so it is a perfect square shape.9)Take a small brush and paint a white line through the centre of the bag.10)Take another brush and draw the same line through each bag.11)Put the paper bag in a cardboard box.

Use a small square box (2 to 3 metres wide) and tape it closed with a piece of white cardboard.12)Take it out of the cardboard box and place the paper back on the box, using the glue you made earlier.13)Now it’s time to paint your paper umbrella.

Make a new square of paper and add some white paint to the bottom.14)Apply some blue paint to one of the edges of the square.

Use your brush to paint through the middle of the black outline.

Then use the glue to attach it to the black edges.15)Apply the glue on both the sides of the triangle.16)Add a little more glue to the outside of the corner.17)Take out the paper box and glue it shut again.18)Now take a paintbrush and paint the black circle that forms the top of the hat and to the left and right of the bottom of the umbrella.19)Add some more glue for the black circles on the outside and glue them together.20)Take some paint brushes and paint over the black lines that form the sides.21)Put some glue around the edges to make it look finished.22)Put a thin layer of white paint on top and paint it white to give it a white colour.23)Add another layer of glue to cover the white paint.24)Put another layer on top to make sure it’s not a thick layer of paint.25)Take an airbrush and spray some white on the paper and make a small hole in the paper, and put some paper in the hole.26)Take more glue, paint over and paint your white line, and you’re done.

Make sure to seal the paper inside the box by putting some tape on the inside.27)Take them out of it and glue the box shut again to make them look finished!

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