Diy umbrella stands at 5,500 metres on the banks of the River Kwai

Diy has a long history of construction, dating back to the days of the Mughal Empire. 

 In the early 1800s, Diy was a center of trading, but in the early 1900s the city was hit by a typhoon and the water became polluted.

 As the water receded, the city rebuilt itself in a few years and today it is home to around 50,000 people.

It is also one of the world’s most polluted cities, with an average of 5,000 tons of fine particulate matter per person.

Diy is a popular destination for tourists, with the city hosting the world championships of cycling and athletics in 2017 and the 2016 London Olympics.

But Diy’s history is also filled with controversy, and it is no surprise that it is a subject of debate.

The city’s mayor, Ajit Diu, is known for his fiery rhetoric against the city’s critics.

He has even said he is not allowed to visit Diy for fear of getting into a car accident, and has accused the government of not protecting the city and the people of Diy.

In the midst of all of the controversy, Diu’s popularity has grown.

According to the latest opinion polls, Diya is currently at 17.5 percent, making it the second most popular city in India.

There is also a strong anti-government sentiment in the city, with Diy being a stronghold for the Congress Party.

Since the end of the independence war in 1962, the country has been plagued by political violence and political instability.

This year’s election was the first time Diy voted since 1975.

With the election looming, many of the city residents are already planning to vote, and some even want to stay in Diy in the event of an eventuality.

Some residents of Diya have even suggested that they would be willing to relocate to Diy, but many others have expressed doubts about their desire to leave.

“If I stay in my hometown, Diyanis people will kill me,” a young man, who wishes to remain anonymous, told ESPN Cri, explaining that Diya had a “somewhat bad reputation”.

“The situation is bad in Diyan.”

It seems that many Diy residents feel that they are being treated unfairly, with many saying that Diy is “a city that does not want to be seen as a good place”.

However, according to local journalist, Anuj Kumar, who is also an activist in Diya, the Diyis are not just looking for a good time.

For them, it is not about partying.

“We have a tradition in Diyo that people are only allowed to go to Diya to celebrate weddings,” Kumar told ESPNCri.

However there is a difference between partying and going to Diyan.

“The party culture of Diyan is not like any other place.

It is not the same as a beach resort or any other urban area,” Kumar said.

Many Diyans say that Diyanans lifestyle has been very different to other parts of India, and this is due to the country’s strict policies against alcohol.

Alcohol consumption is not banned in DiY, but there are strict regulations on who can buy and sell it, and who can drink and buy it in public.

At the same time, DiY is known to be one of India’s most beautiful places, with its mountains and lakes and its vibrant nightlife.

And while many Diyais are very proud of their place in the country, there are some who believe that the Diyanese government has gone too far.

“We cannot let Diya become another Calcutta,” one of Diyo’s residents told ESPNcri.

“I will be in Diyon and not in Calcuttas.”

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