New York City’s ‘All-in-One’ Umbrella Schoolhouse Will Be Open Until Sept. 1

The All-in One umbrella schoolhouse at the corner of 17th and Madison Streets in the heart of Manhattan will reopen after the city announced Tuesday that it was selling the building for $7 million to a private investor.

The All, which opened in 2018 and is the city’s oldest umbrella school, is one of two large schools in the city, along with the umbrella school of Manhattan College, a branch of the University of Pennsylvania.

The other is the University Park Academy, a charter school with about 3,500 students in suburban New Jersey.

All-In-One, which is in the same building as the other umbrella school at the site, is owned by a nonprofit organization called the New York Civil Liberties Union.

The school is one part of a growing trend of new schools opening in the suburbs.

About 80 percent of New York’s elementary schools are now open for the first time, according to a report by the New School for Public Policy.

The nonprofit group, which also operates charter schools in Chicago, is in talks with several other cities about opening new schools in those same neighborhoods.

The New York city-owned All-One opened in late 2017 and was designed to be open to students who are on waiting lists for special education services, which often means parents who have children who require specialized services.

It was designed for students with disabilities who are in or near schools where they would struggle, but the school does not offer special education for those students.

New York State Education Department spokeswoman Sarah Gorman said that while the All-Butler neighborhood school district was not aware of the sale, the All is one area in the neighborhood where special education students often struggle.

“It is important to recognize that special education is not the only issue that we have to address,” Gorman told The Wall St. Journal.

“The All-Andler school district is working with community members to create a community school that serves students who need assistance.”

The All opened in September 2018, when the city was grappling with the fallout from Hurricane Sandy and was struggling to find teachers to fill vacancies.

It has about 700 students, most of them students with special needs.

The neighborhood school, which was established in 2013, has been criticized for not doing enough to provide special education teachers, including providing students with a computer lab and having limited staff training.

The city and its school district have since agreed to pay $7.5 million for the school and open it up to other students.

The move came as the city prepared to open another umbrella school in the neighborhoods of Greenwich Village and Sunset Park in the next year.

The first umbrella school opened in 2013 and was funded by a private foundation that also operates several charter schools.

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