Why you need to get vaccinated for the flu, says one mother

VANISHING THE FLY: The flu vaccine can save your life, but how does it work?

The U.S. government is launching a vaccine trial this fall, and its researchers are trying to figure out if it works, too.

Here are the facts and myths you need now.


The flu shot is a vaccine that protects against influenza viruses.

It’s given to about 70 percent of the population.

The shot doesn’t contain a whole lot of other things.

It can be taken at any time.

If you get sick, you don’t have to take it again.

You can still get the flu vaccine if you are 65 or older.


VIVIDs: They work by preventing antibodies from being made to make the virus.

They also work by stopping antibodies from binding to receptors in your body called receptors for other proteins.

They can be given in a shot every three months or at a time of your choosing, whichever comes first.

PREVENTS: They protect you from the virus and other things that might make you sick.

You don’t need to take the vaccine at the same time as your flu shot, but you may need to wait until the flu is gone before you start.

You won’t need a booster shot every time you get a shot, though.

PREPARE FOR THE FLIES: You should start taking the flu shot this fall and continue to get it until you’re older than 65, usually about two years.

The government recommends that you get vaccinated before you go to a doctor or get an exam.

But people should be sure to ask for the vaccine before they go to the doctor.

PRE-EXAM: This is the first time you’ll get the vaccine, and it’s usually a few days before you get your exam.

PREVIOUSLY: If you’re not sure you’re feeling well, get checked out by your doctor.

GETTING PREVETED FOR THE FALL: The vaccine is given in two shots: one shot every two weeks, or every three to five days, depending on the season.

You need to start taking it as soon as you get it.

PREVALENT FLUIDS: Influenza is a common flu, so you probably shouldn’t be worried about it in the summer.

But if you get colds, coughs or other flu-like symptoms, it can be dangerous.

GET READY TO TAKE THE FLUIVAL: The government says the flu vaccines will help you stay healthy until you are 66 or older, usually around age 45.

The first shot should be taken on an empty stomach, after you have finished eating.

Then you should take a second shot to get the fever going.

If the flu has been present for longer than two weeks before you got the first shot, the second shot should start right away.

This vaccine can be combined with other vaccines, but there’s no way to get all the vaccines at once.

VACCINATION IS NOT FREE: This vaccine doesn’t come with a prescription.

You’ll have to pay for it when you go, but that’s usually pretty cheap.

The cost of flu shots varies depending on where you live, so it’s not exactly cheap.

This is what happens when you need a vaccine: You might need to visit a doctor to get tested for flu symptoms, and you may be asked to fill out an appointment to get your flu shots.

The shots can take up to three months to start working.

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