What you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak

Health officials are urging people to wear masks as the outbreak continues in the United States.

Here’s what you need today:1.

How does the coronovirus outbreak compare to the previous outbreak?

The first case was reported in March, when a 26-year-old man in Dallas went to a hospital with symptoms of the virus.

Since then, more than 9,000 people have tested positive, with the CDC reporting the number has grown to 1,931.

The current count is about 8,000.

The CDC says the number of confirmed cases is about 1,300.

There are more than 500 deaths and about 1.3 million illnesses.

But the number isn’t all that high, because the virus is transmitted via direct contact with a person who has the virus and doesn’t have symptoms.

The new strain is the same strain as the one that emerged in Europe in 2015.

The CDC says it is now a major threat to people in the U.S. and worldwide.2.

How is the coronivirus outbreak affecting Americans?

The current outbreak is particularly concerning because it’s spread through close contact, with people in close proximity to each other.

That makes it difficult for people to stay healthy.

There is an increased risk of new cases as the virus spreads, which is why health officials recommend people avoid close contact with others who have the virus, and people to wash their hands frequently with soap and water, and use masks when exposed to sunlight.3.

What are some other ways to protect yourself from the virus?

It can be hard to stop the virus from spreading.

Here are some simple ways to reduce your risk:1) Limit how often you go outside.

If you can’t walk to work, school or the grocery store, it’s time to wear a mask.

Also, you should wear gloves when going out to get or sell something.2) Avoid using air conditioners or heating pads outdoors.

This is because viruses can replicate when people are in close contact.

If your house gets too hot, for example, it can be difficult for viruses to spread.

Also make sure you get enough rest in the morning, after you’ve had a hot shower, to get your body to cool down and prevent overheating.3) Stay hydrated.

Water should be stored in cool places, and it’s best to drink plenty of it before bed.

If it’s too hot to drink, avoid getting water from the tap.4) Stay in the house or other enclosed area.

Wear long sleeves or long pants, and be sure to have a mask or goggles if you’re outside.5) Use a personal protective equipment (PPE) if you have one.

An PPE covers the mouth and face, and covers your mouth and nose.

It also can protect your eyes, nose, ears and throat from getting infected.

The PPE also protects your lungs from infection.6) Avoid wearing a face mask.

If a virus has infected you, you can wear a face shield, which covers your face and neck, and masks to cover your eyes and mouth.

This could make you more contagious.7) If you have a medical condition, stay home from work or school.

This includes taking medication, taking painkillers, or taking medicine.

Also avoid socializing.

You can be contagious even if you haven’t tested positive.

If the virus causes a serious condition, like heart or lung disease, it could make it difficult to get around safely.8) Avoid leaving homes or other places where the virus could spread.

Wear a mask, and if you do, get protective gear.9) If someone who has recently traveled to the United Stated shows symptoms of coronaviruses, contact your health care provider immediately.

This means contact with anyone who was previously in close touch with the person.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a public health alert for residents in the western half of the country.

The alert states that residents who were at home on or after February 14 should wear masks and protect themselves from direct contact.

The public health notice is issued at 8:30 a.m.

EST on the CDC’s website.

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